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ACC 3304 Internship in Accounting and Financial Management-Part I

B.Sc. Accountancy Special Degree Part III

Semester-I, 2008 

VIVA - 07th Wednesday, January 2009

Please be informed on the followings:


Students who are appearing for the Viva are required to make a 5 minutes oral presentation on a working experience at his or her working place or any other matter that was related to his or her training experiences. (Multimedia facilities are provided)


Students should submit the following completed internship documents at the interview.


a.)    Supervisor's evaluation form- in a sealed envelop (do not attached this to the internship file)


Following documents should be filed in the green colored internship file with a fastener in the given order as below:


b.)    Training summary form


c.)     Copy of the training record book (relevant pages for the period)


d.)    Evidence regarding the participation in university extra curricular activities (Ex. Nalamudu Suwanda, Weedikawen Mahapolawata, Sports Day, AFMA activities etc...)


e.)    Copies of the certificates of achievements in professional qualifications or in other extra curricular activities


f.)     Your permanent file carrying your original certificates


A label indicating the following information should be paste in the middle of the green colored internship file



Internship in Accounting and Financial Management Part-I

B.Sc. Accountancy Special Degree Part – III

Semester I- 2008


Name.                 :          Mr. A B C Danapala


Reg. No.                      MC/ 99999


CPM                   :          9999


Organization     :        ABC Associates/ Ltd./ PLC


Mobile               :           0799-999999


Dress code: - Formal 


Please note that certain percentage of marks is allocated for being compliance with practical training procedures including the above requirements.


Kingsley Karunaratne



Click on the following links to download relevant internship documents

Click here to see Time Allocation for your Viva

BSc. Accountancy (Special) Degree - Part III

ACC-3304 Internship in Accounting and Finance

Online Registration for the  Semester I-2008.





For online registration click on "Sign My Guest Book”   

Once you submit your registration form, an E-mail notification will be sent confirming your registration within 24 hours. Such notification email may be used by you in the future as an evidence to prove that you have submitted the form online. You can see your registration form on the web soon after submission of your application. To view your registration form click on "View My Guest Book"


Please note  registrations prior to 28.08.2008 have been cancelled